22 Fun Facts About Blue Jays

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22 Enjoyable Details About Blue Jays

Blue Jays are amongst a few of the most acknowledged yard birds in North America. Whether or not you’re an skilled chicken watcher or simply occupied with these lovely songbirds that you simply typically see in your yard, you must discover this text fascinating and informative. Preserve studying for 22 enjoyable info about Blue Jays!

22 enjoyable info about Blue Jays

1. Certainly one of Blue Jays’ favourite meals is acorns.

Blue Jays sometimes dwell on the sting of forests, they usually take pleasure in acorns tremendously, amongst different seeds and nuts. They’re discovered close to oak timber so much due to their curiosity in consuming the acorns.

2. Blue Jays aren’t truly blue.

Blue Jays are identifiable by the crest on their heads and their blue, white, and black plumage. The darkish pigment of their feathers is melanin. A trick of the sunshine causes the blue shade of their feathers. Scattering gentle via modified cells on their feather barbs’ floor makes their feathers look like blue.

3. Blue Jays are omnivores.

Whereas Blue Jays eat largely seeds, berries, and nuts, they sometimes take pleasure in consuming bugs as effectively.

blue jay
Picture: 272447 | pixabay.com

4. Feminine and male Blue Jays look the identical.

It is a uncommon attribute amongst birds, and it’s referred to as sexual monomorphism, that means the women and men look the identical. Different species of birds have women and men that look very totally different, which is named sexual dimorphism. With female and male Blue Jays having comparable plumage, it’s tough to inform them aside. Nonetheless, male Blue Jays are barely bigger.

5. Blue Jays dwell a very long time.

On common, Blue Jays dwell about 5 to seven years, however the oldest identified Blue Jay lived for not less than 26 years and 11 months.

6. The Blue Jay isn’t a state chicken.

Seven US states declare the Northern Cardinal as their state chicken, however the Blue Jay isn’t acknowledged as a state chicken in any US state. Nonetheless, they’re the mascot of a Main League Baseball Group, the Toronto Blue Jays.

7. Blue Jays act as a pure alarm system for different birds.

Like many small birds, one of many predators of the Blue Jay is the Pink-shouldered Hawk. They warn different birds of the hawk’s presence by imitating the sound of the hawk once they see one.

8. Blue Jays make quite a lot of sounds.

These clever birds wish to chatter so much. They’ll imitate the sounds of predators, and in any other case, their sounds vary from pretty chirps within the morning to loud and obnoxious squawks. It was a jay referred to an individual who was a chatterbox and appreciated to dominate the dialog, so Blue Jays undoubtedly dwell as much as their identify.

blue jay being hand fed
Picture: OlinEJ | pixabay.com

9. Blue Jays fly slowly.

Compared to different birds, Blue Jays fly fairly slowly at 20 to 25 miles per hour. Geese can fly at about 60 miles per hour, so as compared, Blue Jays’ flight is leisurely.

10. Blue Jays are very clever.

In captivity, Blue Jays have been seen to make use of instruments to get meals, corresponding to utilizing scraps of newspaper or sticks to carry meals nearer to them from exterior their cages, they usually have additionally been seen manipulating locks. Farmers have additionally noticed them ready till they’re performed planting to fly down and benefit from the seeds.

11. Blue Jays mate for all times.

The mating season sometimes takes place from mid-March to July. As soon as a feminine Blue Jay chooses her mate, they’re sometimes collectively for all times in a monogamous relationship.

12. Blue Jays have fascinating social bonds.

Each female and male Blue Jays work collectively to construct a nest for his or her younger, after which when the feminine is sitting on the eggs, the male will feed and maintain her. As soon as the younger are about 17 to 21 days previous, the entire household will then go away the nest collectively.

Picture: Graham-H | pixabay.com

13. Blue Jays have mysterious migration patterns.

Some Blue Jays keep all 12 months in a single place, and others migrate. Youthful Blue Jays are way more apt emigrate than the older ones. Some particular person Blue Jays will migrate south one winter however not migrate the subsequent 12 months.

14. Blue Jays are diurnal.

Some birds are nocturnal and lively at evening, however Blue Jays are lively through the day, which implies they’re diurnal.

15. Blue Jays have many predators.

Grownup Blue Jays are preyed on by owls, cats, and hawks, however child Blue Jays are preyed on by snakes, raccoons, opossums, crows, and squirrels.

16. Blue Jays have sturdy payments.

Blue Jays, like different birds, use their sturdy payments for cracking seeds, nuts, and acorns for meals.

17. Blue Jays favor nesting in evergreen timber. 

Any shrub or tree can be utilized for nesting, however the Blue Jays appear to largely favor evergreen timber. They construct their nests about Three to 10 meters excessive within the tree, and the nests are cup-shaped, made out of twigs, moss, bark, material, paper, and feathers.

18. Blue Jays are in the identical household because the crow.

Although they’re much prettier wanting, Blue Jays are carefully associated to the crow.

blue jay from the back perched on stump
Picture: US Fish & Wildlife | wikicommons

19. Blue Jays are increasing the place they dwell.

They’re largely discovered within the jap and central elements of america, however they’re slowly increasing to the Northwest.

20. Blue Jays take part in a follow referred to as “anting.”

Blue Jays will take ants and wipe them throughout their feathers, which nearly makes it seem to be they’re bathing in ants. However scientists imagine that they do that to make the ants secrete their dangerous spray in order that when the Blue Jays eat them, the ants are extra simply digestible.

21. Blue Jays often dwell in small households.

Blue Jays dwell in small household teams or pairs, however they’ll collect in massive flocks throughout their mysterious migratory season.

22. For a small chicken, Blue Jays have a big wingspan.

The Blue Jay’s wingspan may be wherever from 13 to 17 inches.


Blue Jays are an extremely fascinating sort of chicken. From the way in which they use their voices to how clever they’re, they’re an impressive chicken to have round whether or not you see them in your again yard or whilst you’re out on a hike.

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