Calico Cat Facts • The Catnip Times

Calico Cat Facts • The Catnip Times

Calico Cat Details • The Catnip Occasions

Typically regarded as a breed of cat, calicos are misunderstood. From the genetic assemble to common myths, we demystify the attractive calico cat!

Reality 1: All Calicos are Not Feminine

You could hear that every one calicos are feminine, however truly about 1 in 3,000 cats are male. Why? It comes right down to genetics. The colours black and orange hyperlink to the feminine, X chromosome, which is why the vast majority of calico cats are feminine. Nonetheless, in uncommon circumstances, a male cat can have an additional X chromosome which may have the black or orange gene to make the male cat a calico. Additionally fascinating, is that male calicos are often sterile and have Klinefelter Syndrome. Klinefelter Syndrome solely exists in animals (together with people) who’ve XXY chromosomes as an alternative of XX or XY.

That is Meena. Her IG deal with is @meenathekitty. Meena was adopted from a cat shed on a farm and now lives a spoiled life in Iowa, USA.

Reality 2: Calico Cats Are Not A Breed

Calico cats are loyal, playful, and spunky. However the calico’s conduct truly has nothing to do along with her coloring. A calico cat’s perspective is extra of a results of the cat’s breed fairly than the coloring. Once more, calicos are usually not a breed of cat, however fairly a shade sample that may happen in any breed that carries the colours orange, black, and white. Whereas nearly each breed and combined breed has a calico coat, these 11 present breeds are formally acknowledged by The International Cat Association to have the calico sample:

  • Manx cat
  • American Shorthair
  • Maine Coon
  • British Shorthair
  • Persian cat
  • Japanese Bobtail
  • Unique Shorthair
  • Siberian
  • Turkish Van
  • Turkish Angora
  • Norwegian Forest cat

Tango is a Sphynx cat with calico colorations. You may comply with her on Instagram @tangothesphynx and take a look at her hashtag #tinytango.

Reality 3: Calico Cats Originated in Historical Egypt

Whereas scientists can’t be 100% sure, many consider that calico cats originated in Historical Egypt. It’s doubtless that Historical Egyptian retailers took calicos aboard their ships to hunt mice. These touring cats unfold all through the world, and unfold their genetics as properly. The calico coloring is due to this fact frequent throughout the Mediterranean and elsewhere. At present, calico cats will be present in practically each nook of the globe and their recognizable shade sample is understood worldwide.

Teo is from North Carolina the place she lives along with her sister, Nora. You may comply with the sisters on Instagram @teo_nora_sister_kitties.

Reality 4: Calico Cats Are Thought-about Fortunate Cats

Many cultures contemplate calico cats to be further fortunate. And that is notably true for the Japanese.  For a few years Japanese sailors would journey with these fortunate calicos aboard their delivery vessels for further safety. The “beckoning cat,” or Maneki-Neko, is a well-liked figurine which is believed to carry good luck to its proprietor. Historically, the Maneki-Neko is a bob-tailed calico cat! 

As a result of calicos can’t be purposely bred, they are often fairly uncommon. And calicos are usually not solely a superb luck check in Japan, however an indication of excellent luck in lots of different international locations together with the US and England due to their uniqueness. And doubly fortunate are the uncommon male calicos. Within the US, calicos had been as soon as known as “Cash Cats” as a result of they had been thought to carry their homeowners numerous cash if/when bought due to their rarity. For comparable causes, in Germany, the phrase “Glückskatze,” the phrase for “calico cat,” interprets to “fortunate cat.”

Penelope (Penny) Could was born in Tennessee however now lives in San Francisco. Penny Could has settled purrfectly into her position as metropolis kitty and loves snuggles, enjoying fetch, and serving to with laundry… You may comply with her on Instagram @sweetpennymay.

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