Can My Reptiles Live Together?

reptile cohabitation

Can My Reptiles Reside Collectively?

Can my reptiles cohabitate?

Many individuals surprise if it’s secure to have a number of reptiles residing throughout the similar enclosure. Moreover, typically folks could be considering housing a number of animals which are totally different species collectively. Does this work and is it secure? On this article, we’ll focus on the subject of reptile cohabitation and train you some tips in order that your pets can safely reside collectively…or individually.

reptile cohabitation

Which species can reside communally collectively?

For probably the most half, reptiles are non-gregarious and don’t require a “buddy” of their area to maintain them joyful. However, you possibly can usually home a female and male collectively or a number of females with no points and perhaps even the added shock of replica!

Listed below are some species which are generally housed collectively and usually don’t have any points with each other: younger bearded dragons, sure species of snakes similar to garters and rattlesnakes, monkey-tail skinks, shingleback skinks, some species of tortoise and plenty of species of aquatic turtles similar to sliders and cooters.

Are there any totally different species of reptiles that may safely reside collectively?

Once more, we wish to make it clear that we don’t advocate housing reptiles of various species collectively in a single enclosure. It may be achieved, however it’s a controversial topic throughout the herpetology world and likewise many individuals aren’t skilled sufficient to have the ability to achieve this safely.

However, if you wish to give it a attempt, a great species to begin off with can be aquatic turtles. Sliders, cooters and painted turtles will truly coexist peacefully in the identical pond within the wild and it’s not too troublesome to duplicate ponds in your individual yard. In truth, it may be fairly nice to have your individual pond populated with fish, turtles and different pure wildlife.

How do I do know if it’s secure to let my reptiles cohabitate?

Ideally, you wish to do a ton of analysis previous to placing two animals in the identical enclosure, no matter whether or not or not they occur to be of the identical species.

Listed below are some issues it’s best to contemplate previous to permitting your herps to cohabitate:

Is there sufficient area? All animals ought to really feel secure and have locations to cover, thermoregulate and eat meals. There ought to be sufficient room for every to bask or cool off accordingly with out competing.

Are the temperatures, humidity ranges and substrate appropriate for all of the animals residing throughout the enclosure? As an illustration, you don’t wish to home a tropical species and a desert species collectively as they doubtless have extraordinarily totally different temperature and humidity consolation ranges.

Are the animals identified to be aggressive towards others? This might be one thing so simple as figuring out if women and men of the identical species are secure collectively yr spherical. It may be extra sophisticated and require you to know you probably have a very feisty or skittish species in your palms similar to a Tokay gecko or an ameiva.

Will there be sufficient meals? That is the largest concern it’s best to have. Underfed animals are much more more likely to cannibalize different animals, plus nobody desires their reptiles skinny and unhealthy even when they’re a vegetarian species. Guarantee that the animals are all in a position to eat safely and with out stress from others, even when which means shifting animals to separate enclosures throughout feeding time.

Cohabitation Suggestions and Methods

Watch your animals. Upon getting decided {that a} group or pair of animals will reside collectively, we advise that you simply hold a detailed watch on them at first. This can enable you to ensure that if any aggression happens you possibly can instantly separate the animals. It additionally permits you to watch feeding habits to ensure that all of the occupants of the enclosure get the correct portion of meals.

Be ready to make changes. Even you probably have researched your herps into the bottom or you’re very skilled in maintaining reptiles, we nonetheless advocate that you’ve a backup dwelling ready. This manner if something goes flawed or you could have any doubts that the animals will get alongside, you continue to have a secure place for all of the animals to reside.

Introduce your animals in a impartial area first. If all goes effectively and so they don’t appear to thoughts each other, you possibly can attempt placing them of their enclosure collectively. Many individuals even use this tactic with furry companions when including to their family.

Know the gender of your animals. This is a vital issue as a result of some animals are solely aggressive and territorial once they see one other male of the identical species, however they may do effective with females. That is true of chameleons and plenty of species of lizards. Get your animals professionally sexed if they don’t seem to be sexually dimorphic with the intention to keep away from potential mishaps.

Don’t put different-sized animals collectively. Even if you’re placing strict vegetarians collectively in the identical enclosure, reptiles can get aggressive in the direction of animals which are smaller than them. A fair worse consequence can be that the bigger animal cannibalizes the smaller one. It’s most secure for the animals if they’re comparable sizes and ages.

Home females collectively. For practically all species of reptile, different males are seen as competitors and subsequently aggression or stress will ensue in the event you put them collectively. Most females will tolerate each other comparatively effectively although, so it’s usually secure to permit a number of females to cohabitate.

Quarantine and clear. Previous to introducing a brand new animal into one other’s habitat, it’s clever to quarantine the brand new one and observe it intently to verify it doesn’t have any type of sickness or parasites that it might cross alongside to your different herps. You also needs to ensure that the enclosure is clear and disinfected and prepared for each animals to begin recent.

aquatic turtles


As a common rule, we don’t advocate mixing totally different species in the identical habitat. There merely isn’t sufficient area and habitat necessities fluctuate simply sufficient in order that neither species will probably be totally joyful. There may be additionally at all times the hazard of aggression or over competitors for assets similar to meals and water.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions and a few species can cohabitate. Generally you possibly can communally home members of the identical species collectively in a single enclosure similar to leopard geckos and younger bearded dragons. And on uncommon events, you too can permit some species to cohabitate similar to aquatic turtles and a few tortoises.

In the event you intend to deal with a number of species collectively, please at all times you should definitely do your analysis. That’s the primary most essential factor you are able to do to verify your herps reside their happiest and healthiest lives.

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