Cattle Egret in breeding plumage in June in Derby

Cattle Egret in breeding plumage in June in Derby

Cattle Egret in breeding plumage in June in Derby

Final Friday, June 19th, we went to the Derby Poo Ponds. We have been sitting within the new hut having lunch. There weren’t many birds to look at because of the unhealthy state of the wetland, however there was a breeze and as traditional there was no one else round. There had not been many birds within the settling ponds both, however there have been some Royal Spoonbills and White Ibis. I all of the sudden noticed an egret flying in entrance of the hut heading in direction of the settling ponds. It was clearly a Cattle Egret, because of the orange feathers, however it’s June! Cattle Egret shouldn’t be in breeding plumage in June within the north of Australia!

The Derby wetlands water had all gone inexperienced

Cattle Egret have been recorded in Australia since 1948. They’re normally noticed in flocks round cattle, however this one was alone. We do sometimes see Cattle Egret round Broome, however by no means in breeding plumage and at all times with cattle. We now have by no means noticed a Cattle Egret in Derby. They at all times seem small, particularly when in comparison with Nice Egrets. We quickly packed up our picnic and moved again to the settling ponds and fortunately the lone Cattle Egret had landed there.

Cattle Egret

I received as near the fence as I may to take pictures of the Cattle Egret with its lovely breeding plumage. It was feeding on any bugs it may discover close to the water’s edge and within the lifeless bush. It gave the impression to be moderately involved in regards to the different birds that have been current.

Cattle Egret with Royal Spoonbills and White Ibis

A White Ibis determined that it didn’t need the Cattle Egret within the space and had a superb go at it. The Cattle Egret realised it was not welcome and moved throughout the settling ponds.

White Ibis assaults the Cattle Egret and it strikes!

Cattle Egret alone-with a beer can! Don’t ask!

We hung round for some time after which headed off tenting once more. We returned to the Derby Poo Ponds on 22nd June and the Cattle Egret was now not there. It’s anyone’s guess the place it got here from and the place it was going and the place the remainder of the flock was!

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