Common Reptile Husbandry Mistakes

common reptile husbandry mistakes

Widespread Reptile Husbandry Errors

What errors do folks generally make in relation to reptile husbandry?

Reptiles are thought-about unique pets and as such they do have particular and particular care necessities. Though most pet house owners do need to take the perfect care doable of their reptile, there are lots of frequent errors which are made when making an attempt to take action. This text will contact upon the commonest errors we see at Backwater Reptiles and what you ought to be doing as an alternative.

common reptile husbandry mistakes

Temperature and Humidity

Do you know that temperature and humidity are one of many hardest environmental elements to get proper in relation to captive circumstances? Totally different reptile species originate from completely different environments and subsequently have various preferences in relation to preferrred temperature and humidity.

Maintain one factor in thoughts when adjusting temperature and humidity ranges – serps are your good friend! In case you are uncertain what a superb vary is on your specific pet, we advise that you simply do a easy search. There are lots of breeders, pet shops and hobbyists with web sites and articles that can assist you discover out what your pet wants.

It’s additionally comparatively simple to know in case your reptile wants changes made. Reptiles who don’t have sufficient humidity of their surroundings could have points shedding. As an illustration, snakes is not going to shed in an entire tube or will retain their eye caps. Lizards will appear to be in a relentless state of shed. There are different warning indicators as properly together with dullness or lack of shade.

Make the most of misters, thermometers and warmth components akin to lamps so as to create the right equilibrium on your specific animal.

Dealing with and Human Interplay

Pet reptiles are usually not domesticated. We repeat – pet reptiles ARE NOT domesticated animals.

Because of this lots of them don’t take pleasure in being faraway from their enclosure to be “performed with.” It can solely stress them out unnecessarily. There are fairly a couple of species of reptile that do exactly fantastic interacting with folks together with: bearded dragons, ball pythons, most tortoises, leopard geckos, corn snakes, savannah displays and crested geckos. Nevertheless, there are lots of species that individuals purchase that we personally really feel are greatest left as decorative pets.

Whereas it’s true that many reptiles will be labored with to turn out to be accustomed to folks, we do advise that you simply learn your pet’s physique language intently earlier than you deal with it consistently. Backside line: Not all reptiles like being petted, held or touched.

use discretion when handling reptiles

Eating regimen and Offering Dietary supplements

Honestly, most pet reptiles require dietary supplements so as to keep at peak well being in captivity. The one exception to that is snakes which obtain whole vitamin from their prey.

Most individuals won’t even bear in mind that reptiles want nutritional vitamins. Calcium and vitamin D are extraordinarily essential, significantly in relation to bone well being and development. We advise that you simply mud your feeder bugs accordingly with an acceptable complement relying on whether or not your pet is indoor or outside.

You also needs to have in mind dietary necessities when making ready your reptile’s meals. As an illustration, most reptiles generally stored as pets are insectivores, however some are vegetarians and a few are omnivores and wish a combination of vegetation and animal protein of their weight loss program. Don’t make the error of giving an excessive amount of protein to an omnivore – this may be disastrous on their liver.

We additionally advise that you simply combine up the kind of bugs you feed your pet. Crickets and roaches are nice staples, however there are benefits to different feeder bugs. Relying upon the species, typically rodents or eggs are a superb addition as properly. Selection is vital and all too usually we see folks making an attempt to feed their reptile the identical meals again and again to the purpose the place the animal desires one thing else and goes on a starvation strike.

UV Lighting Necessities

Do you know that some reptiles completely require full-spectrum UV lighting so as to be wholesome? Different species don’t essentially require it.

Through the years, we’ve realized that many individuals make the error of not offering correct UV rays. This may end up in metabolic bone illness amongst different well being points.

With the intention to keep away from making this error, we all the time counsel that you simply analysis the pet you need earlier than you buy. Be aware of whether or not or not it wants UV rays, warmth lamps or each.

Generally, most lizards, tortoises and turtles require full-spectrum lighting. There are after all exceptions and that is the place data and analysis come into play.

Most snakes don’t require UV lighting, however this isn’t a tough and quick rule. As an illustration, some folks select to offer UV lighting for corn snakes, however different breeders swear it’s not vital. If there may be debate as as to if or not your specific pet ought to have UV lighting, our suggestion is to offer it for the sake of security. In different phrases, higher to be protected than sorry in relation to this frequent mistake.

The Right Kind of Enclosure

One other quite common mistake we regularly see is folks shopping for the fallacious type of tank, vivarium or enclosure for his or her reptile. Dimension, orientation, and way of life are all components that have to be considered when selecting an enclosure.

For instance, chameleons require a really particular kind of cage that enables for air stream and air flow whereas sustaining satisfactory humidity and moisture ranges. This is the reason we all the time suggest mesh enclosures for chameleons of all species, excluding pygmy chameleons.

One other issue that house owners usually fail to have in mind is the approach to life of their pet. For instance, you wouldn’t need to present an aquatic and even semi-aquatic surroundings for a desert lizard akin to a uromastyx. Moreover, animals with arboreal life want climbing room and equipment, so their cages have to be vertically oriented. It’s a quite common mistake to assume by way of human comforts and provides an arboreal animal a cage with plenty of ground area however little upward mobility room.

Substrate can also be a vital housing aspect that many individuals get incorrect. We’ll chalk this error as much as the seemingly limitless choices for substrate and the talk amongst house owners as to what works greatest for his or her animals in their very own properties. Take into account that most substrates are beneficial, leaving plenty of room for error.

One substrate mistake we see again and again is ingestion by the animal. In case your substrate is just too small or you might be feeding your pet inside its enclosure, there may be all the time the chance for unintended ingestion. Over time, this may trigger well being issues akin to impaction.

In the end, in relation to substrate, we suggest easy, simple to scrub and sensible choices. Select one thing that can enable your pet to carry out its pure actions (i.e. burrowing) but in addition ensure that it received’t get in the best way.

Lastly, some house owners make the error of over adorning their reptile’s enclosure. In fact, barer is best in relation to reptile husbandry. Except you might be dedicating a whole room or making a particular bioenclosure with plenty of bells and whistles, most reptiles want the naked minimal to remain completely happy and wholesome.

For instance, since your reptile’s enclosure ought to have a scorching, basking aspect and a cooler, ambient temp aspect, we do advise that you simply present two disguise spots. In case your reptile is arboreal, some objects to climb on are vital. A water dish is one other cage furnishings merchandise that’s vital for many reptiles too. However aside from these talked about objects, cage decor and furnishings ought to be minimal, light-weight and simple to scrub. That is for the protection of the animal. An excessive amount of decor may crush your pet or injure it by chance.

reptile cage decor


It would look like frequent sense, however reptile properties want cleansing similar to human properties.

Whereas it’s not a necessity to scrub water spots off of glass tanks, it’s essential to take away fecal matter and shed pores and skin. You wouldn’t need to reside in your personal waste, so why would your pet?

It’s a quite common mistake to assume that reptile cages don’t want cleansing just because reptiles are usually low upkeep pets. You don’t want to clean and disinfect your pet’s cage each week, however spot cleansing is important and full tank cleansing ought to be performed as wanted.

specialty cages for baby chameleons


Now that we’ve outlined and mentioned a few of the greatest errors we see new reptile house owners make, we hope it’d assist you keep away from making the identical errors.

Fortunately, if one thing does have to be corrected, your reptile’s habits will usually let you already know. And most of those frequent husbandry errors are quite simple to rectify for those who catch them in an inexpensive period of time.

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