Non-Stop Birding: Otmoor- Grey Plover

Non-Stop Birding: Otmoor- Grey Plover

Non-Cease Birding: Otmoor- Gray Plover

Parked up at Beckley right this moment to take a look at the geese on Ashgrave. Sadly no Bean Geese or Pink-foots but however there’s a chilly spell with north easterlies on the best way so may properly shake issues up. I counted 54 White-fronted Geese and there have been additionally 41 Barnacle Goose and a few extra hybrids. Ebird listing HERE.

I popped down to take a look at the passerine feeding space within the hope of a Little Bunting getting amongst the flock however too many individuals strolling by right this moment so I had a fast have a look at Huge Otmoor and at last noticed the Gray Plover (Otmoor tick- now 131) which has been round for weeks (simply proves what else may very well be lurking out right here amongst the 60,000 birds- there should be a rarity hiding someplace?) 

Gray Plover (aboves) 

Barnacle and White-fronted Geese on Ashgrave

A pair extra hybrid geese (above and beneath)  – will try to put some names to those when again on the workplace . Up to date 040121- unsure what these are however definitely appears to be Greylag hybrids- probably Greylag with Ross’s or Barnacle? Within the image beneath it seems just a little bit like a Lesser White-front  with the small invoice and yellow eye ring.  

I believe this is likely one of the Barnacle x Greylag Geese hybrids. Might want to do some studying however I believe there are Greylag x Canada, Barnacle x Greylag, Barnacle x Canada and Canada x Snow Goose amongst these flocks of geese plus what may be second technology hybrids such because the birds within the two images above displaying some extra delicate hybrids. 

A phenomenal day over the floods and reedbeds

Tough to get a photograph that reveals the extent of flood and wetland in the intervening time at Otmoor nevertheless it’s enormous- just like the English Hortobagy  

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