Non-Stop Birding: Oxfordshire weekend

Non-Stop Birding: Oxfordshire weekend

Non-Cease Birding: Oxfordshire weekend

One other relatively nice session in Oxfordshire. 

Sadly I’ve not been capable of escape the stress of Beddington Farmlands utterly as been engaged on the Save the Lapwings marketing campaign (after my startling go to a few weeks in the past)  and Viridor have additionally put a planning utility in to clear a planning situation that entails placing a cycle path throughout the farmlands so been responding to that (sure they’ve put in a planning utility to cop out of an present planning situation to create a cycle path ) . On Friday additionally had a gathering with new campaigners who’ve moved into the neighbourhood and there is been discussions with Extinction Rebel and varied native activists about re-escalating marketing campaign exercise in gentle of not too long ago uncovered quagmires in each the CSG and CAMC and the stalling of progress on the restoration and makes an attempt at reversing present planning circumstances. To crown the entire mess again within the crack, a planning utility has been submitted right here in Oxfordshire to construct a 200 acre lorry park on inexperienced belt subsequent to Waterstock Native Nature Reserve which the locals are starting to struggle. I actually am getting sick of those individuals destroying what’s left of nature.  There’s a variety of extraordinarily intelligent and rich individuals preventing the capitalists right here, Oxfordshire has total been very effectively preserved from the capitalist pandemic (nonetheless Noticed Flycatchers all around the village, Yellow Wagtails and Corn Buntings, Gray Partridges, breeding Curlews all on the doorstep)- perhaps I can swap some avenue savy ways for some excessive forehead stuff? Is likely to be simply what we want? A lot for my escape from eco-politics- inside two weeks I’ve been utterly sucked again in at much more fronts than earlier than! 

Anyway on the sightings and outings entrance, the moth trapping has been fairly good, on Monday morning I did Otmoor and we had a household go to to Kirtlington Quarry within the afternoon. This morning I visited the airfield. The mini-farm has been doing effectively. On Sunday we had a roast dinner with hand-crafted and grown horse radish sauce, snap dragon peas, spinach and for pudding backyard raspberry and strawberry pavlova. I am hoping inside a couple of weeks we could have a minimum of some days after we will probably be utterly autonomous. 

 Curlew over Otmoor- a number of singing birds out on the MOD land . Additionally had a Grasshopper Warbler singing, Cuckoo and Marsh Harrier. 

Yellow Wagtail on the airfield- nice to see these birds nesting in farmland crops. Additionally nice to see nesting are Goldfinches in our wisteria on the Outdated Vic. The Noticed Flycatchers have additionally been within the backyard and I additionally had them on the airfield and within the village.  Our Nice Noticed Woodpeckers have fledged from the Walnut. 

 Corn Bunting on the airfield- nice to see Yellow Wagtails and Corn Buntings doing effectively up there

 Frequent Starlings.  There have been about 1000 on the MOD land at Otmoor however I could not discover a Pinkie. 

 Plain Golden Y- what a stunner. A moth lifer 

 Saturday evening was good for Plusiinae with 6 Burnished Brass (above) and three Plain Golden Y

 Orange Pine Twist 

 Orange Noticed Shoot 


 Mild and darkish morph Pepper Moths 

 Fenland Pearl 

 Thyme Marble 

 Sandy Longhorn 

 Dusky Pearl

Lappet, Elephant, Pine and Poplar Hawkmoth and Buff-tip

 Kirtlington Quarry (above and beneath). A Center Jurrasic geological SSSI, the place early mammals the place discovered and some dinosaurs. Had a couple of Pyramidal orchids. The stroll alongside the canal was good with all of the lengthy boats- one other little native nature reserve gem within the native space. I have been toying with the concept of beginning a brand new undertaking (as soon as I end a few main papers I am presently writing) – searching for fossil birds! I studied geology for years as I initially deliberate to enter mine restoration. There are some good Eocene deposits in North Kent which have been good for fossil birds. Just lately on the Azores new rail species and quail species have been found which have been fascinating to examine. I’d give it a go contemplating I reside so near some respectable deposits. Will probably be good to get the outdated hammer out once more and mix birding with geology! 

 The moth lure tonight lighting up the mini-farm 

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