Non-Stop Birding: Wandle Valley Exploring

Non-Stop Birding: Wandle Valley Exploring

Non-Cease Birding: Wandle Valley Exploring

Since Viridor restricted our entry to the farmlands we have been spending a bit extra time exploring the broader Wandle Valley Regional Park (of which Beddington Farmlands kinds the coreland). Final week we had a have a look at Watermeads and this night we had one other stroll spherical Mitcham Widespread. Southern Marsh and Bee Orchids have been the highlights.

Yesterday I did a survey of the farmlands Ebird record HERE. Worryingly the farm is wanting fairly desiccated. On Friday a Fox received onto the islands of the North Lake because of the low water stage and ate the eggs of Lapwings and Little Ringed Plover. 

 Southern Marsh Orchid on Mitcham Widespread, about 15 spikes discovered 

 Bee Orchid on Mitcham Widespread 

 Sanfoin on Mitcham Widespread, a number of the meadows are full off Salad Burnet, Sanfoin, Lucerne, Tufted Vetch and so on 

 Fox eyeing up a Lapwing on the farmlands- the beds are drying out making it attainable for the foxes to predate the lapwing islands 

 Had about 60 Small Tortoiseshell on 100 acre and south east nook 

 Lesser Pearl, Sitochroa verticalis- a little bit of a Beddington speciality 

 Lovely Knot-horn, Rhodophaea formosa 

 Plum Tortrix (I feel) 

Black-tailed Skimmer – about 30 on 100 acre and south east nook 

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