Protecting the unique and threatened frogs of the Western Cape, South Africa – Amphibian Survival Alliance

Protecting the unique and threatened frogs of the Western Cape, South Africa – Amphibian Survival Alliance

Defending the distinctive and threatened frogs of the Western Cape, South Africa – Amphibian Survival Alliance

By Jeanne Tarrant, Endangered Wildlife Belief – Threatened Amphibian Programme

In July 2020, with the assist of ASA’s small grant by World Wildlife Conservation, the Endangered Wildlife Belief (EWT) commenced a brand new challenge targeted on a number of the most threatened and endemic frogs species restricted to very restricted ranges within the Western Cape province of South Africa.

Right here is the place the best concentrations of threatened amphibians might be discovered within the nation. Based mostly on a prioritization train we performed in 2018, we recognized three species within the Western Cape for which focused habitat safety and habitat administration interventions would have notably vital conservation advantages. These species are the Critically Endangered Tough Moss Frog, Arthroleptella rugosa and Micro Frog, Microbatrachella capensis; and the Knowledge Poor Moonlight Mountain Toadlet, Capensibufo selenophos (IUCN, 2017). The inhabitants development of every of those species is reducing, or unknown, and as such analysis is required on their distributions, inhabitants sizes, life histories and threats. Whereas the distributions of those species is probably not in depth, they symbolize essential habitat sorts, usually themselves threatened, comprising lowland wetland areas to montane fynbos and renosterveld habitats. Little or no is thought in regards to the Moonlight Mountain Toadlet, having been described as not too long ago as 2017 (Channing et. al. 2017) and extra data about this species is essential with the intention to assess its conservation standing and information habitat safety and administration efforts. The Tough Moss Frog(IUCN, 2016) doesn’t happen in any formally protected areas and is threatened by large encroachment of alien vegetation at its recognized web site. The distribution of the Micro Frog – occurring at simply 4 localities throughout a complete of seven km2 – is very fragmented and impacted by urbanization, agricultural growth, the unfold of alien vegetation, and drainage of breeding habitats. These species additionally symbolize umbrella species for different threatened frogs, such because the Endangered Cape Platanna, Xenopus gilli, and Western Leopard Toad, Sclerophrys As such, the basic objective of securing habitat for these species is vital.

In July we begun with subject surveys within the Overberg for these range-limited species, risk assessments and interesting with landowners to evaluate willingness to take part in securing areas for conservation. The latter is a vital side of the method and good relationships with these landowners are vital to long-term challenge success. We’ve had nice success to date in that already eight new localities have been confirmed for 2 goal species (six for Capensibufo selenophos and two for Xenopus gilli) and three landowners have already expressed curiosity in collaborating in Biodiversity Stewardship processes to formally defend habitat on their properties, representing a complete of 1775 hectares – one web site (in Kleinrivierberg, comprising 780 hectares) is already dedicated to proclamation and this web site is below assessment. Formalizing safety of those extremely stunning landscapes will go an extended approach to conserving these distinctive species and their related threatened habitats into the long run.

Photograph © Endangered Wildlife Belief


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