What Do Snakes Eat?

what do snakes eat

What Do Snakes Eat?

What do snakes eat? Do all of them eat the identical factor? What ought to I feed my very own pet snake?

Not like different reptiles, snakes as a complete are inclined to eat the identical varieties of issues – different residing creatures. No snake species is vegetarian. The varieties of meals that snakes eat varies however primarily contains: rodents, fish, small reptiles and amphibians, and bugs.

what do snakes eat

What do constrictors eat?

The group of snakes dubbed constrictors are the species that squeeze their prey to dying earlier than consuming. The snake first wraps its coils round its prey after which every time the prey exhales, it tightens its grip, inflicting its prey to finally suffocate. Snakes that constrict embrace however will not be essentially restricted to boas, pythons, anacondas and plenty of colubrid species.

In captivity, most constrictors eat rodents. The truth is, there are complete fridges filled with frozen mice and rats in pet shops which might be only for reptiles like snakes. Some pickier snakes will solely eat dwell rodents, though we at all times advocate utilizing frozen rodents if attainable. It’s merely safer, extra sanitary and fewer problem for each proprietor and snake.

Within the wild, constrictors will seize and eat mice, rats, shrews, voles, squirrels and different small mammals. The tropical and arboreal constrictor species are inclined to eat no matter they will catch together with birds, mammals and different reptiles.

constrictors eat mice
This boa is consuming a mouse.

What do aquatic snakes eat?

After we communicate of aquatic snakes, we’re actually solely referring to a choose few species comparable to elephant trunk snakes, sea snakes and water snakes.

Sea snakes are extremely venomous and never saved in captivity, nonetheless they eat fish, fish eggs and eels.

Different aquatic species eat aquatic or semi-aquatic fare. Feeder frogs, feeder fish and crayfish are all choices when conserving aquatic snakes as pets.

Be suggested that aquatic snakes mustn’t eat rodents and we don’t advocate attempting to feed these sorts of snakes mice or rats.

aquatic snake diet
Water snakes just like the one pictured eat primarily feeder fish and frogs when saved as pets.

What do very small snake species eat?

Some species of snake are very small and all of the earlier prey objects talked about are just too massive for them to eat. Small snake species which might be generally saved as pets embrace Bimini blind snakes, ringneck snakes, child Dekay’s snakes and child ribbon snakes.

Tiny snakes eat tiny meals. In captivity, tiny meals is usually invertebrates of some kind. Crickets, nightcrawlers, roaches and mealworms at their smallest life cycle part are undoubtedly all generally used meals objects.

small snake diet
Tiny snakes just like the one pictured usually eat small bugs and worms.

What ought to I feed my very own pet snake?

Typically, in case you are shopping for a pet snake and questioning what it eats, the reply could be very more likely to be mice. Most snakes will thrive on a food regimen of frozen/thawed rodents of the suitable measurement. As an example, on the Backwater Reptiles facility, we feed our ball pythons, boa constrictors, king snakes, corn snakes, milk snakes and rat snakes mice…and that’s simply naming broad classes!

There are a number of different snake species that generally eat meals aside from rodents. As an example, ribbon snakes and garter snakes each eat prey comparable to frogs, bugs, lizards and fish.

Hognose snakes will typically eat mice in captivity, but when they show to be a choosy eater, it’s as a result of they usually eat toads and frogs within the wild. One wacky tip that really works in case you have a choosy hognose snake is to “scent” mice by rubbing them with a toad or frog. You may also strive soaking a thawed rodent in tuna water.

One other common snake species is the inexperienced snake. These snakes are primarily insectivores within the wild and make nice pets for individuals who need a snake that doesn’t eat rodents. You’ll be able to feed your inexperienced snake the identical food regimen they’d eat within the wild – grasshoppers, crickets, worms, caterpillars, snails, small frogs and feeder lizards.

Very massive snakes are one other specialty feeder. All the snakes that develop to huge sizes are constrictors. Anacondas, Burmese pythons and reticulated pythons which might be mature will all require bigger prey. Normally they eat rabbits, however some house owners have discovered the giving them a number of feeder rats in a single feeding session additionally works.

anaconda diet
Snakes that develop very massive just like the yellow anaconda pictured will finally must eat bigger prey objects such s rabbits.

Lastly, we really feel that egg-eating snakes deserve a point out on this listing. Their frequent title really offers away what their meals of alternative is – eggs! Nonetheless, please remember that egg-eating snakes normally eat small chicken eggs like quail or finch eggs. An egg out of your fridge received’t minimize it.

ribbon snake diet
Ribbon snakes eat evening crawlers, bugs and frogs once they develop bigger.


Most pet snakes eat rodents. Most may also thrive on a food regimen of frozen/thawed rodents. Nonetheless, if you’ll personal a pet snake that’s recognized to eat mice, we do advise that you simply be ready to feed it residing rodents within the occasion that it’s a choosy eater.

There are different species of pet snakes that don’t eat mice. These embrace water snakes, egg-eating snakes and different specialty species.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what your pet snake eats, it doesn’t must eat every single day the way in which that mammals do. Snakes have a lot slower metabolisms and subsequently normally solely should be fed as soon as per week or so. We at all times advise that you simply analysis your pet of curiosity earlier than buying to make sure that you are ready to take care of its wants, together with its food regimen.

hognose snake diet
Hognose snakes may be choosy eaters and typically should be tricked or educated to eat rodents in captivity.

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