Why Is My Cat Drinking a Lot of Water?

Why is my cat drinking a lot of water

Why Is My Cat Consuming a Lot of Water?

Why is my cat drinking a lot of water

Most cat homeowners know learn how to monitor the final well being of their pe, by observing their look, their day by day habits, and their urge for food. Nevertheless it’s much less well-known that monitoring their day by day water consumption is an easy, additional approach of guaranteeing that your cat is in optimum well being. 

Most frequently, folks don’t realise that their cat is ingesting excessively till the difficulty is comparatively superior, and their cat is ingesting such copious quantities of water that it’s nearly inconceivable to not discover. They could discover that they should repeatedly refill the water bowl, or they might observe their pet ingesting from the water bowl much more usually than earlier than.  

This text explains the doable causes for elevated ingesting, in addition to making the suggestion that measuring your cat’s water consumption could be a useful behavior to develop.

Veterinarians check with elevated water consumption, or extreme ingesting, as “polydipsia”, and it’s usually linked to the passing of bigger volumes of urine, which is termed “polyuria”.  The mixture of elevated thirst and elevated urination is commonly known as “polyuria polydipsia”, abbreviated to PUPD. Typically, the motive force for the elevated thirst is the elevated urine manufacturing, which in flip is brought on by an inside metabolic situation of some sort.

Causes of Elevated Thirst in Cats

why cats drink a lot of water

Cats begin ingesting elevated portions of water for a variety of causes, together with a dry weight-reduction plan, kidney illness, diabetes, and extra. 

There’s a lengthy record of frequent causes of elevated thirst, and an investigation by a DVM veterinarian is at all times wanted to determine the underlying downside in order that acceptable therapy may be given. 

  1. Dry meals at all times results in cats ingesting extra water: moist meals (tins or sachets) incorporates over 80% moisture, so if cats are modified to dry meals  (which incorporates 6 to 10% moisture), homeowners will at all times discover a rise in visits to the water bowl.
  2. Hormonal problems together with diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism , hyperadrenocorticism (Cushings Illness),  and hypoadrenocorticism (Addisons Illness).
  3. Kidney illness, together with continual kidney illness, also referred to as continual renal failure (CRF),  which is quite common in older cats.
  4. Urinary tract illness 
  5. Liver illness 
  6. Common inside problems together with neoplasia (most cancers), abscesses and  womb infections in unspayed feminine cats
  7. Electrolyte problems akin to hypercalcaemia (excessive blood calcium) and hypokalemia (low blood potassium)
  8. Treatment, together with medicine like corticosteroids (e.g. prednisolone), diuretics (e.g. furosemide) and anti-seizure medicine (e.g. phenobarbitone).
Cat Drinking Water

Should you discover your cat ingesting an abnormally great amount of water, it could be time to convey them to the veterinarian.

To pinpoint the exact explanation for elevated thirst, a logical sequence of investigations might must be carried out by your veterinarian.

These embrace:

  1. Detailed historical past taking, noting every other facets of the cat’s habits that will have modified, akin to lack of urge for food, change in sort of cat meals, change of provide of water (e.g. a water fountain, or operating water, might encourage cats to drink extra). 
  2. Bodily examination: some causes of elevated thirst could also be apparent to a veterinarian by merely inspecting your cat (e.g. weight reduction, fast coronary heart charge, enlarged thyroid glands, an inside mass of some sort within the stomach). Blood stress measurement can also be prompt.
  3. Urine checks: you might be able to accumulate a urine pattern from a litter field utilizing particular litter substrate supplied by your veterinarian. Should you can not do that, your veterinarian might be able to accumulate a urine pattern straight out of your cat utilizing a method known as cystocentesis.
  4. Blood checks: evaluation of blood cells and inside biochemistry gives helpful details about the interior metabolism of your cat.
  5. Diagnostic imaging: x-rays and ultrasound will usually present additional detailed details about doable causes of elevated thirst.

The completion of these kind of checks often gives enough info to make a exact prognosis of the reason for your cat’s elevated thirst.


If any cat begins to drink noticeably extra contemporary water than beforehand, it is a signal that there could also be a big cat well being downside brewing, and a go to to a vet for a radical well being verify is really useful, It may make sense to measure how a lot water you might want to add to prime up your cat’s water bowl day by day, in order that it’s then apparent to you in case your cat instantly begins ingesting extra water.

Steadily Requested Questions

How do I do know if my cat is ingesting an excessive amount of water?

Most homeowners merely discover that their cat is spending extra time lapping from their water bowl in comparison with prior to now, or that they should refill their cat’s bowl extra incessantly.

Should you suspect your cat could also be ingesting extreme water, however you aren’t certain, it is sensible to measure the quantity of water that you’re including to the bowl day by day.

How a lot water ought to a cat drink in 24 hours? 

Cats typically drink sufficient water to maintain their physique hydrated, however the precise quantity varies from cat to cat. The technical definition of “extreme thirst” for cats and canines is when they’re ingesting greater than 100ml per kilogram of physique weight day by day. Cats typically weigh between 2.5 and seven.5kg: if a 2.5kg cat drinks greater than 250ml per day, or a 7.5kg cat drinks over 750ml per day, that is definitively “an excessive amount of”. Nevertheless, a a lot smaller consumption of water might nonetheless be categorized as an excessive amount of for a person animal: if any cat begins to drink considerably extra water than earlier than, it is sensible to look into this.

Why is my aged cat ingesting a lot water?

A number of the ailments listed above are extra frequent in older cats. Specifically, continual renal failure, diabetes mellitus, hepatic illness and hyperthyroidism are all extra frequent in aged cats. 

Do cats drink loads of water?

Cats’ thirst varies on a person foundation. Cats receive water from a wide range of sources, together with moist meals (which incorporates 80% water). In addition they drink water from outside sources (puddles and ponds), and water bowls. Usually, a wholesome cat would possibly eat a complete of round 50ml per kilogram physique weight day by day.

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